Shimmy Technologies develops B2B SaaS solutions that lay the foundation for digital transformation in fashion.

Our company helps apparel brands and manufacturers shorten lead time, improve product quality, and migrate workers to smarter, more meaningful ways of getting things done.

Our multilingual applications ensure that workers are met where they are and can move into dignified, secure jobs of the future with confidence and excitement.




Shimmy Upskill

Learn about our award-winning AI-based software that is helping everyone in fashion with their digital transformation goals.


Manufacturer Benefits

Mohammed Zahidullah, Head of Sustainability at DBL Group, explains why his company is working with Shimmy.


Shimmy Upskill Software Features

Discover how Shimmy Upskill’s unique features are preparing workers for the future while boosting efficiency and speed for businesses.


User Benefits

A pilot participant talks about her life as a garment worker and her experience using Shimmy Upskill.



Explore what we’ve learned from our research and pilots.



Upskilling for Transformation

Preparing Fashion for the Future of Work and Digitalization

How will automated and digital technology shape the apparel industry? How will these changes impact the 65 million garment workers around the world? Our white paper examines these questions and presents ideas on how fashion can achieve a sustainable transition to a digital value chain.

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