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Games are learning and work tools


TedTalk: Jane McGonigal, “Gaming can make a better world”

Video game developer, Jane McGonigal, talks about the benefits of gaming and its power to solve real-life issues.


With Shimmy Upskill, we strove to create something as addictive as Candy Crush, as approachable as an older sister, and as valuable to apparel brands and manufacturers as multi-year training programs.

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Games are effective learning and work tools with many benefits:

  • Engagement is typically higher in a gaming environment than in a traditional classroom.

  • There is 1:1 feedback, delivered immediately with adaptive rewards and constructive feedback.

  • Goals in a game environment are defined and easier to understand than interpreting meaning inside a teacher or manager’s verbal directives.

  • Games provide the opportunity to work in groups and create collective intelligence across geographies and cultural divides.

  • Most importantly, the stakes are lower in games. Failure is okay and—in some cases—even encouraged.