Product Innovation Apparel LA

Today at Product Innovation Apparel, Sarah Krasley, Shimmy's CEO led a packed focus group at PI Apparel in Los Angeles where she shared insights on 3D and PLM through her experiences developing X Swimwear, a custom swimwear line.

Session Details:


Focus Group - What Can Architecture and Industrial Design Tools Teach Us About the Steep Ramp to 3D Apparel Design?

In a prior life, Sarah Krasley led an emerging product group at Autodesk, investigating and developing new technologies for mechanical engineers, architects, and factory owners. It was during this time that Sarah became interested in Apparel; if simulation, automation and product creation platforms could gel so seamlessly with the creation of a car or with the realization of an architectural design, why could these learnings not transcend to apparel?

Sarah set about choosing her product muse: she needed a challenging garment that was worn skin-tight, is highly dependent on fit, requires a very high level of technical design and a garment group that generates some of the highest levels of consumer dissatisfaction. Rightly so, she chose swimwear. Despite setting about investing in the best in class software the industry had to offer Sarah was underwhelmed; why had other sectors stormed ahead with technology whilst fashion had fallen so far behind? And so she set about developing her own software, leveraging the swimwear as a proof of concept opportunity.

In this session, Sarah will leverage her 'outsider' position to lead a discussion around technology and specifically:

  • How is the move into digital being dragged down by an antiquated and resource-heavy workflow?
  • How can we automate the measurement of garments so product creation can focus more on delivering a well-fitted product to the consumer and less on redundant activity?
  • Increasing data and metadata capture by both brands and manufacturers and how can this be better leveraged to be more consumer-centric
  • What can be learned from other sectors that have gone through a similar transformation?