About Us


Shimmy Technologies is a women-owned and operated fashion technology company based in Brooklyn, NY.

We are preparing the apparel industry for the future of work by developing design, data management, and workforce development applications.


Our Team


Sarah Krasley, Chief Executive Officer

Sarah is an entrepreneur focused on technology’s role in creating positive social impact.

Prior to starting Shimmy, Sarah led Autodesk’s Sustainable Manufacturing program and launched several technologies that helped engineers design eco-friendly products and run energy efficient factories.

She holds an MBA from the University of San Francisco where she was a McGowan Scholar and holds a BFA from Pratt Institute. In 2015, she joined the adjunct faculty at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program.

In addition to press in mainstream publications such as The Economist, Refinery29, Shape, Cosmopolitan, New York Magazine, and Fortune, Sarah won an Innovation by Design Award from Fast Company in 2016.



Anuthara Gangoda

Visiting Scholar

Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies, University of Delaware


Lalita Mahendramurti


Training partner in Indonesia


Nazneen Huq

change associates

Training partner in Bangladesh


Matthew Wettergreen

education SME

Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen, Rice University


A.C. Betts

Managing Director, Derris Agency

Nancy Johnson

CEO, Optimyze, Inc.

Dave Weiner

Business Mentor, XRC Labs